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Mysteries with a load of Southern charm.

Hazardous Hoarding Mysteries

Dumpster Dying (A Hazardous Hoarding Mystery, Book 1)

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Birdie Harper is a widowed hoarder who lives with her husband's ghost. The only thing she enjoys more than a good yard sale is a good dumpster dive. When she finds her latest treasure—a ceramic angel— she knows just who to bring it to.

Jenna Lawson is a cashier at the Blue Market convenience store where Birdie often shops. The two women have formed a strong bond to assuage the losses in their lives, and Birdie thinks of Jenna like the daughter she lost long ago. So, when Jenna goes missing, Birdie is determined to find out what happened to her.

As she works to unravel the mystery, a man at church, Neville Miller, shows interest in Birdie, leading her to wonder if the lonely days are finally coming to an end. But her ghostly husband, Walter, sure isn’t going to like it.

Birdie is on a hunt that may claim the ultimate price—her own life.


Birdie Harper captured my heart from the first page! I can’t wait to visit Birdie again and help her solve another mystery!


~Jann Franklin, author of The Small Town Girl Series

With care and understanding, Michelle Bennington has created characters you can love and understand. Personally, I loved the characters more than the mystery (which was very good, by the way) You will find yourself caught up in this book quickly and enjoy every page!

~Victoria LK Williams, author of The Beach House Mysteries.

Killer Cache (A Hazardous Hoarding Mystery, Book 2)
Buried Treasure (A Hazardous Hoarding Mystery, Book 3)
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